Does My Auto Repair Shop need A Website?

So you've started your auto repair shop.

Everything is going smoothly. Your customers are happy, you've got a brilliant team, and profits are rolling in. You're pretty established and you're the go-to guy for repairs in your area.

Not so fast.

Although you have happy customers, you've had the same customers for years, and you only get by on referals. Your team, although brilliant, could use some new members, you hope to grow and expand, maybe get a second shop, but you don't know how...

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Your auto repair shop website needs a re-design

Your shop may have a website, but it's losing you customers

You've made the steps to reach more customers for your auto repair shop, so you got a local web designer, or took the time to design a website of your own.

Your customers can now find you online with a quick search, however, there's one problem...

Is your website any good?

You may think, "Of course it is! My customers can see it, why change it?" But what do your customers think? Sure they can see your website, but what about it keeps them reading, makes them give schedule an appointment, or hop in their car to visit your shop?

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