A website tailored to your needs

Hello, we're Etchedy, your go-to web design service focused on solving your business needs.

Lifetime support

We understand you might need to make updates to your website after we're done, or you might run a blog, so we offer lifetime support. No more needing to find a costly new web designer after the last one ditches you!

No hosting experience needed

Hosting? Domains? That's a whole lot of jargon we won't put you through. Just leave the hosting to us to get your new website up and running.

Free demo site

If you don't like it, you don't pay! That's right, we're 100% customizable. We always design a demo site for free that you can review, if you don't like the design, you can always alter it, so there's no risk with being stuck with a website you don't like.

Let others find your site

Our web design is up to date for modern standards and supported by search engines with SEO So customers can find your website easily by doing a simple search.

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    Responsive and mobile friendly

    More than 53% of all searches today are done on a mobile phone. You don't want to lose 53% of your customers. Our websites will fit on a mobile screen or larger.

    Easy to edit

    We make editing your website easy as pie. We offer a training and editing menu with every website , so you don't get lost if you stop using our services. If you need any help, feel free to contact us.

    Social media sharing

    We'll embed your social media pages and links on your website so your customers can find you easier. Don't have a social media page? No worries, we'll make you one for free.

    Secure & SSL Encrypted

    Our websites are secure and SSL encrypted. That means your customers will see a green padlock when they get on your site. It also means attackers and identity thieves will have a much harder time getting into your site.

About us


Etchedy is a web design business right here in Ontario, Canada. We do both local and outside of province websites.

It doesn't matter if you're a big business like Walmart or a small business down the street, we've got you covered on web design.

We take pride in our customer support, you'll always get support from us, even after we finish your website. So you can always get updates and, or make changes to your website.

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Web Design

How It Works


Define goals

Define your goals, is it to make more sales? Generate leads? Reduce workload? Or something else entirely? Your goal helps us design a website suited to your needs.



We'll get right to work and come back with a free demo site. Here you can tell us what you want and don't want, and we'll make changes accordingly until you're satisfied.


Set up and maintenance

Finally, we'll set your website up with a secure domain and fast provider. All that's left is for us to maintain your website. Got a blog? Regular updates? No problem, we can handle those.


Before (left) vs After (Right)

Website design for Peterborough Used Tires

Gerry was a proud owner of Peterborough Used Tires, a local tire shop in Peterborough. Unfortunately was locked out of his website with his previous web designer, who left him in the dust. Without a password or username, Gerry could not update his website when things changed. And as a result, customers were misinformed about his shop. Luckily, he found us and we started design on his site immediately. We began by...

Take a look at the finished site

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Before (left) vs After (Right)

Website design for Precision Motor Worx

Our newest redesign. The website is still undergoing the design process.

Take a look at our progress.

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From The Blog

Your auto repair shop website needs a re-design

Your shop may have a website, but it's losing you customers

You've made the steps to reach more customers for your auto repair shop, so you got a local web designer, or took the time to design a website of your own.

Your customers can now find you online with a quick search, however, there's one problem...

Is your website any good?

You may think, "Of course it is! My customers can see it, why change it?" But what do your customers think? Sure they can see your website, but what about it keeps them reading, makes them give schedule an appointment, or hop in their car to visit your shop?

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Person using laptop

Case studies

Here are some case studies of website homepages we've done, view our demos page ► to see more examples.

ATM Collision

A darker night theme, ATM Collision's homepage makes customer navigation easy and effective. There is also an online booking system.

Pickering Euro

Another simple homepage using similar design styles and concepts from Way's Performance.